Careers in Trades Returning to the U.S.?


From Google to John Deere. Tesla to Amazon. American innovators have launched some of the world’s most successful and renowned companies. The current problem is that much of the production behind our nation’s foremost companies has shifted overseas. The result of this outsourcing of talent? In manufacturing, most notably, the livelihood of our proud working class has been heavily compromised. The workers who, in truth, hold this nation together, have been subject to a hard blow by the companies they’ve supported.

At the peak of this shift, many would have predicted that such respectable trades work was lost forever, shipped overseas. Recent trends suggest otherwise. Michael Evans and Forbes suggest that such jobs are returning to our shores as we speak. Into the hands of our hardworking class, no less. This trend is hope for those who’ve been  displaced by our volatile global economy.

This interactive graph from the NY Times illustrates a related point. Some sectors of the economy such as housing development are still suffering the blow of the recession. Others sectors are booming, like oil and gas production and distribution. This means that skilled welders and engineers are in luck. As the baby boomer generation retires, more opportunity arises. As NPR points out,“there are 600,000 jobs for electricians in the country today, and about half of those will open up over the next decade.”

These economic trends tell us one thing for sure: the work of skilled laborers and workers cannot be shipped overseas. Tradesmen of all types have an incomparable talent that is crucial to America’s economy. Electricians, machinists, engineers, boilermakers, carpenters, brick masons… CraftForce has a message for America’s blue collar workers: You cannot be replaced. 

CraftForce recognizes the irreplaceable contribution of our nation’s skilled workers. We strive each day to make it easier for you to find the work you deserve. Sign up for a free account on, build out your profile and resume, and let the job opportunities come to you.

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