Senior CNC Programmer (Bangor, ME)

  • Location: Bangor, ME
  • Type: Direct Hire
  • Job #448

Senior CNC Programmer 
Bangor, ME
Full time with great Benefits working with a great company!
Pay is open and depends on the skill level, Pay starting at 50$ an hour tor more, depending upon experience.

A Senior CNC Programmer job in Bangor, ME. This is a full time, direct position with full benefits. Great matching candidates will have multiple years of experience with MasterCAM programming, VTLs and HBMs. You will be working with steel alloy turning, milling and implementing brushes to remove large burrs in large VTLs and HBMs. You will be interfacing with manufacturing, quality, and process engineering on a daily basis. 

Senior CNC Programmer job duties:
* Create Heat Map for machined part burrs correlating where the burr is on the wheel, to which machine it is run in, to which tool/ tool path is used.
* Using data from heat map, implement changes in machining program(s) to eliminate manual deburr.
* Roll out program changes to all part programs (qty 30) and provide documentation to Quality Engineer to eliminate manual deburr from MPP.
* Develop solution to enable machine to 'STOP' at insert break detection for 1 tool during FWRD side roughing of selected part. 
* Provide proof of concept for machine 'STOP' at cutting insert failure for all tools for example program.
* Apply MasterCAM Program changes to all Lathes.
* Problem solve and revise example program so FWD Mill Labor is reduced. Create Program Template for all other Wheels.
* Roll out template to all remaining parts selected.
* Standardize tool lengths and tool numbers for all new milling programs. Post standards at the machine.

* At least five years of experience with MasterCAM programming
* Skilled in programming for VTLs and HBMs
* Experience with steel alloy turning and milling
* Experience implementing brushes etc. to remove large burrs in large VTLs and HBMs

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