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Maysville Community College
Elite Welding Academy
Case Study

CASE STUDY: CraftForce Client

CraftForce’s first client took our recruiting team as their sole labor supplier because the revenue growth they sought was stunted by the struggle to find skilled workers. Within three years of full implementation, their executive team was able to shift their time, focus, and ultimately energy from the frustrations of internal staffing to acquiring more projects.

They lowered their EMR from 1.0 to 0.7 with the CraftForce partnership, representing a 30% cost savings on workers’ compensation insurance. CraftForce can take on each skilled worker as their W-2 employee, alleviating the cost and stress of your EMR rate and associated taxes.

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    “We consider your service very important to our business and look forward to a long relationship.”
    Automotive Manufacturer Supervisor
    “Our experience with CraftForce has been great! A few of my students have gone to work with CraftForce and all are very happy.”
    Welding School CWI
    “We believe Craftforce’s proactive job placement services are the most valuable asset offered.  We get calls on a regular basis to see if I know of students or graduates who are interested in good-paying jobs.”
    Technical College CFO
    “We have had much success from [CraftForce], and in a very timely manner... exceeding expectations… I look forward to the next projects with [CraftForce]... I know [they] will have maximum effort and deliver on our needs.”
    Global Engineering Procurement/Project Manager
    “Craftforce has provided multiple quality candidates for a challenging work environment. They come pre-screened and cleared to work, which is a huge relief and allows for quicker onboarding.”
    Rail Industry Human Resources Manager
    “The CraftForce Team has always been very responsive and easy to communicate with in a timely fashion. They have always done whatever needed to be done to get us what we need. I think overall CraftForce has been the best personnel source we’ve dealt with in the past 20 plus years we’ve been in business.”
    Vice President Sheet Metal Manufacturing
    “We had extremely high praise for the partnership you’ve displayed. ALL of our stakeholders were very impressed not to mention grateful that you were able to so quickly provide support to this area that had been in dire need long before it was brought to our program to solution.”
    Global Director of Operations
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