Train Smart With SafeForce

Time is precious. Especially yours. Train your workers ahead of time so they arrive ready to work. With SafeForce, employers can track and verify the training of their entire workforce from a single platform. Time is donated to safety. Not body parts.

Save time and money

Streamline and verify safety training

Improve safety awareness

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Customized training modules

We build it for you


Custom reports & reminders

Your workforce is always trained


Facial recognition technology

Secure your worksite

Step 1

Client uploads Safety Training Modules or has Safeforce team create modules customized for their worksite

Step 2

All current and prospective workers create an account on Safeforce, select their employer, and complete required training

Step 3

Workers arrive to job site

Step 4

Facial Recognition verifies worker identity and training completion to pass them through the gate and get to work

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