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According to Manpower Group’ ’s most recent Talent Shortage Survey, skilled trade jobs continue to be the most difficult for U.S. employers to fill. And while employers struggle to find properly trained electricians, machinists, plumbers, and other skilled workers, scores of those workers struggle to find good jobs that match their abilities.

CraftForce CEO, Dustin Grutza, joined the panel discussion with Vice President of the Workforce Development Center at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Amy Waldbillig; and Vice President of Corporate College at Gateway Community and Technical College, Carissa Schutzman.


CraftForce was recently featured on Discovery Channel’s “Innovations” with Ed Begley Jr. Check out this video segment from the episode! The CraftForce team talks about how our job search platform is closing the skilled trades gap.


We are excited to announce that we’ll be featured in an upcoming episode of Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., airing on Discovery Channel.

In this segment, viewers will learn about CraftForce’s offerings, and ability to connect craftspeople/talent with industry-leading employers or opportunities around the country. In addition, Innovations will explore how CraftForce works with everyone, including talent and opportunities that work within and outside of unions.

“We are excited about the opportunity to share this application through Innovations and spread the news of our job and talent hunting solution,” said Dustin Grutza, Founder of CraftForce. “Our web and mobile platforms will change the way the skilled workforce and employers interact. Now, with just one click, resumes will be displayed in front of the employers in need of skilled talent.”

“CraftForce allows employers to post a job opportunity simply and easily, and enables skilled talent to access industry-leading opportunities through its extensive database,” said Robert Sikich, Senior Producer for the series. “We are excited about supplying this information to our viewers.”



Innovations is an award-winning television series hosted by actor, director and environmentalist, Ed Begley Jr. Innovations is dedicated to bringing viewers the most up-to-date, cutting edge information across a vast array of industries. From health and wellness to global business, renewable energy, and more, Innovations features practical solutions and important issues facing consumers and professionals alike.


Construction jobs are back, and the industry is finally providing much-needed jobs to almost 6.4 million people, the most since 2009, says a report by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). Another report went on to say that states like California, Florida, Texas and Washington are the hottest areas for construction jobs right now, but some states are still showing slow growth while others are actually seeing a decrease in job numbers.

Construction has always seemed to be the last sector to see job growth after a major economic downturn, and one of the worst parts about the this slow growth is the loss of skilled workers to other sectors. As one of our other posts points out, we cannot afford the shortage of skilled tradespeople in this country, especially as many seasoned workers will be retiring in the next few years.

It is becoming extremely evident to the contractors that need talented, experienced people on their job sites, that this is a major problem. Places like Port Tampa Bay, where ship repair and dry-dock businesses employ welders, ironworkers, pipefitters and electricians, feel the need for young workers, leading one of their executives to call the growing tide of aging workers the “silver tsunami.”

One thing is clear, we need more skilled tradespeople in this country. It can be hard, dangerous work, but it can also be fulfilling and lucrative. Update your profile today, or sign up for free if you don’t have one. We have all the best jobs for America’s hardest working people.

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Construction: Building with the Future

Hoverboards, flying cars, human-like robots. Just a few modern conveniences that we are supposed to have in abundance already. I mean, did scientists just give up? I can forgive them for the robots who will probably take over the world and the flying cars that I will inevitably crash, but the hoverboard, c’mon.

While some science fiction ideas don’t make it to reality, inventors have always drawn inspiration from authors and other intellectuals. After reading an article on the Smithsonian’s site, I realized that some very practical applications like the cell phone and nuclear power were spawned by ideas from science fiction writers like H.G. Wells.

So what does this have to do with construction workers and companies that use this site?

Who knows, but it’s cool s***, and it made me think about the future of construction materials and techniques. The safety of our tradespeople and the efficiency our production depends on the solutions we can envision and realize. Are we going to continue to use the same generator welders and carbon and alloy steel tools?

Probably not.

We have come a long way since the days of building skyscrapers without fall protection and having nothing for lunch but whiskey and cigarettes, but what’s coming next? How about self-healing concrete to repair buildings or exoskeletons for construction workers to work with heavy tools effortlessly.

Pretty neat, right?

The list goes on: recycled rubber tires made into shingles, NASA-developed insulation that is environmentally safe and recyclable,nanomaterials made almost completely of air that maintain the strength of existing materials. Ok, I take it back, some scientists are actually awesome.

Remember to update your profile resume with your most recent experience or education to give you an edge for the future.


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Safety First, Boys and Girls


The CraftForce team asks the challenging but necessary question: WHY are worksite injuries, accidents, and even fatalities a nearly daily occurrence despite the new safety regulations that are always rolling out? What can YOU do to ensure the safety of YOUR worksite?



To get an idea of just how quickly accidents can unfold, let’s look at a recent worksite incident that took place in Cincinnati, OH when an overpass scheduled for demolition collapsed unexpectedly. Multiple reports and a grainy video verify that, within a split second, the overpass collapsed onto the highway below, impeding a semi-truck which then collided with the debris.

The real rub? A construction worker standing on the structure lost his life and the truck driver below was also injured. We won’t know the cause of the collapse until the investigation is complete, but this example shows us that accidents happen, and they often happen in the blink of an eye. So, what can you do to make sure you are working in a safe environment?


Safety regulations can seem like an unnecessary hassle, but there is no better way to protect yourself and the person next to you than to follow every safety policy in place on-site. Government entities like OSHA have spent a lot of time and money building out programs that ensure every person in our country is working in a safe environment.

On their website, OSHA has compiled a lot of resources for workers and companies alike, such as a safety pocket book that outlines many risky scenarios construction workers will find themselves in and outlines how to be safe in each of them. Though it may seem like pain, invest the time now to educate yourself and your co-workers on the most recent safety protocol. You never know whose life you could be saving.

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[testimonials_ctn style=”rd_tm_8″][testimonial_sc author=”Thomas E. Perez” a_info=”Secretary of Labor”]”No one should have to sacrifice their life for their livelihood, because a nation built on the dignity of work must provide safe working conditions for its people.”[/testimonial_sc][/testimonials_ctn]

Women in Construction

From laborers to CEOs, women work construction, but this industry has always been dominated by men. Why is that, and does it need to be this way? According to statistics gathered by OSHA, the number of women employed by the construction industry has grown “by 81.3% from 1985 to 2007.” Once the recession hit, that growth stopped and we saw a sharp decline in female job procurement during the recession. We still haven’t gained all of those jobs back, but even though “only 9% of U.S. construction workers are women,” it is a huge industry and that means a lot of women find work in construction (OSHA).

So, more women are working in this industry these days, but if we assume that they account for around half of the employable population in the US, why don’t we see more females at the job site? An article byUSA Today said that at least part of the reason is due to a lack of recruitment effort focused at women, as well as male-dominated stereotypes about construction and a huge deterrent, sexual harassment at work sites. This is obviously a problem that has to be fixed and many people and organizations are taking on the task.

Nontraditional Employment for Women is an organization at the forefront of this movement and their website explains that NEW “prepares, trains, and places women in careers in the skilled construction, utility, and maintenance trades, helping women achieve economic independence and a secure future.” Companies like NEW are a great resource, but we can all follow in their example and make our working environment a better place for anyone who’s passionate about construction.

The next time you’re on a job site, take a minute to acknowledge the diversity around you and encourage a positive working environment by speaking and acting with these things in mind. We will all benefit from a better working environment.


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Careers in Trades Returning to the U.S.?


From Google to John Deere. Tesla to Amazon. American innovators have launched some of the world’s most successful and renowned companies. The current problem is that much of the production behind our nation’s foremost companies has shifted overseas. The result of this outsourcing of talent? In manufacturing, most notably, the livelihood of our proud working class has been heavily compromised. The workers who, in truth, hold this nation together, have been subject to a hard blow by the companies they’ve supported.

At the peak of this shift, many would have predicted that such respectable trades work was lost forever, shipped overseas. Recent trends suggest otherwise. Michael Evans and Forbes suggest that such jobs are returning to our shores as we speak. Into the hands of our hardworking class, no less. This trend is hope for those who’ve been  displaced by our volatile global economy.

This interactive graph from the NY Times illustrates a related point. Some sectors of the economy such as housing development are still suffering the blow of the recession. Others sectors are booming, like oil and gas production and distribution. This means that skilled welders and engineers are in luck. As the baby boomer generation retires, more opportunity arises. As NPR points out,“there are 600,000 jobs for electricians in the country today, and about half of those will open up over the next decade.”

These economic trends tell us one thing for sure: the work of skilled laborers and workers cannot be shipped overseas. Tradesmen of all types have an incomparable talent that is crucial to America’s economy. Electricians, machinists, engineers, boilermakers, carpenters, brick masons… CraftForce has a message for America’s blue collar workers: You cannot be replaced. 

CraftForce recognizes the irreplaceable contribution of our nation’s skilled workers. We strive each day to make it easier for you to find the work you deserve. Sign up for a free account on www.CraftForce.com, build out your profile and resume, and let the job opportunities come to you.

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