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Think seamless partnerships in human resources, staffing, and management services.

Maximize your time and the quality of your search by collaborating with experts.

We understand that your job involves a range of priorities. Filling a variety of roles each month is just one of those responsibilities. Whether you are an HR professional tasked with hiring, on-boarding, and managing compliance for an organization, or an experienced recruiter serving a client with a broad range of corporate and workforce needs — CraftForce has years of experience complimenting efforts like yours, and offering specialized support to fill skilled-labor positions as direct or contract hire. We focus on growing and nurturing our expansive network of skilled craftspeople, so you can stay focused on other business priorities. Today’s job market demands a multi-prong approach that leverages the most current and proven strategies for accessing, screening, and processing candidates based on their unique industry or skill profile.

The Benefits Of Partnering:

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    Competitive Candidate Network
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    Flexibility of Short & Long-term Needs
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    Fill Roles Faster
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    Save Time & Money
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    Leverage Trade Expertise
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    Quicker Qualification & Processing
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    Divide & Conquer Roles/Responsibilities

Let us match top talent to your search.

Our years of focus in the skilled trades allows you to instantly source from a broader pool of high performing candidates with the knowledge and experience required to start producing quickly. We work with you to understand the job, and the need, so we can do all the sorting for you, only sharing right-fit candidates that we know are ready to get to work. Your operational partners will be impressed with the quality of the candidates we put forward. Become a go-to asset for your team by helping them hit timelines, increase productivity, and spend more time focused on the business.

Add resources, and save time while your at it.

Work together with our team and allow us to manage the day-to-day and most time-intensive responsibilities related to recruitment. We will partner with you to define the strategy and offer critical market understanding that will help you hit your goals and exceed the expectations of your organization or client. We are continuously building our network and cultivating relationships with skilled workers who are open to opportunities: carpenters, welders, electricians, pipefitters, machinists, and engineers. Together, we can save time and ensure we are only spending time on right-fit candidates that can hit the ground running.

We’ll be an extension of your staffing team and find the right people for your job.

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Our full-service approach

You can rely on CraftForce to handle is all:

  • Job Postings
  • Background Screenings
  • Pre-employment Drug Testing
  • Skills Assessment Testing
  • Reference Checks
  • Safety Training
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