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Our online, SafeForce program improves any operation.

Our work begins before your job starts.

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We know you prioritize safety and that each organization and worksite’s culture and training can be a little different.

That’s why we put the safety and wellbeing of our workforce first. We work with your team to ensure that every candidate is prepared and has met the specific safety program requirements before day one. Talk to us about integrating your safety program into the recruitment process.

Train smarter and reduce risk with SafeForce.

SafeForce is an online safety training platform designed to allow craftworkers to complete each job’s required training ahead of time in an interactive and memorable format. When your new recruit arrives on site, they’re ready to get to work. And even more important, they understand how to do the job safely. Because eliminating accidents is job one for both employers and employees, period.

SafeForce’s video format makes learning faster, easier, and more engaging than literature-based teaching programs. The platform is flexible and easy-to-use for you and your candidates – we can work with videos and content you provide or partner to help create them for you.


SafeForce proves preparedness is paramount.

  • Save Time & Money
  • Flexible Program Delivery
  • Verified Safety Training
  • Improved Safety Metrics & Culture
  • Increased Safety Awareness
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