Construction: Building with the Future

Hoverboards, flying cars, human-like robots. Just a few modern conveniences that we are supposed to have in abundance already. I mean, did scientists just give up? I can forgive them for the robots who will probably take over the world and the flying cars that I will inevitably crash, but the hoverboard, c’mon.

While some science fiction ideas don’t make it to reality, inventors have always drawn inspiration from authors and other intellectuals. After reading an article on the Smithsonian’s site, I realized that some very practical applications like the cell phone and nuclear power were spawned by ideas from science fiction writers like H.G. Wells.

So what does this have to do with construction workers and companies that use this site?

Who knows, but it’s cool s***, and it made me think about the future of construction materials and techniques. The safety of our tradespeople and the efficiency our production depends on the solutions we can envision and realize. Are we going to continue to use the same generator welders and carbon and alloy steel tools?

Probably not.

We have come a long way since the days of building skyscrapers without fall protection and having nothing for lunch but whiskey and cigarettes, but what’s coming next? How about self-healing concrete to repair buildings or exoskeletons for construction workers to work with heavy tools effortlessly.

Pretty neat, right?

The list goes on: recycled rubber tires made into shingles, NASA-developed insulation that is environmentally safe and recyclable,nanomaterials made almost completely of air that maintain the strength of existing materials. Ok, I take it back, some scientists are actually awesome.

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